Dear All,

Let’s stay fit, flexible and healthy together! Join my virtual classes.

Some of you signed up for a yoga course at a yoga studio or sport school or public building.  As i can not teach physical classes I can teach Online Yoga classes.

Create a nice place at your home, balcony or garden and join me live&virtual


PLUS Sunday 5&19 April :

Yoga class XXL(1.5 hrs) asana, yin/yang, meditation,mantra,yoga philosophy- 10AM

First of all Thank you all for the nice and sweet words, thoughts and support these last few weeks.

During this period is all a bit strange and new for everybody. I tried and still am trying to find my way with the new regulations and situation. Specially on the Digital Highway…Like most of my yoga collegues i ve offered yoga classes for free or donation based, already special and sweet thanks to whom already gave a donation, but also the ones that just joined. Thanks for sharing.

But as i mention before, still wandering around at the digital highway and came across this sign

Normally i don t like to follow the crowd, but in respect with all my digital yoga colleagues, i ve decided to ask for a small compensation too. And i am aware that I am in the same position; offering free classes but also being a full time yoga and massage professional trying to make a living. The rates are free, if you can you give otherwise contact me and we find a solution.  join me in this new challenge


Note: if you are in the same position as me please contact me, dont hesitate! I like to think in solutions not problems! We will find a suitable yoga road for you. Give what you can miss, if its nothing now amd you still wanna join yoga contact me.

4,99 euro per class

If paid a month in advance 1 class a week -17,50 euro per month.

XXL yoga class 8,00 euro or if you attend both 15 euro.

 Unlimited classes including the XXL yogaclasses – 49.95 euro per month

Please let me know in a new email what you wish to sign up for so i can sent you link for the class. Last minute sign up will be 15 mins before class starts, but please sign up before so you are sure you reviece the link.



Be Strong, Be Safe, Be healthy!

  “Each asana is a unique vibrational expression of an aspect of manifestation…

you experience the flowing river of life as you become tree-cobra-dog.

When we place ourselves in an asana, we express…the vibrational essence of the life-form that the asana embodies.”

– Jivamukti Yoga, David & Shannon –


eka pada adho mukha svanasana down dog variatie sasjavrksasana tree pose yoga bhujangasana Cobra pose yoga