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You & Me a date Online ?

Every Tuesday morning from 8am till 9am – Vinyasa yoga online – no time Tuesdays? No worries you can order Yoga on demand!  more information sent an email to

Create a nice place at your home, balcony or garden and join me live, or on demand ONLINE

Be Strong, Be Safe, Be healthy!


  “Each asana is a unique vibrational expression of an aspect of manifestation…

you experience the flowing river of life as you become tree-cobra-dog.

When we place ourselves in an asana, we express…the vibrational essence of the life-form that the asana embodies.”

– Jivamukti Yoga, David & Shannon –

eka pada adho mukha svanasana down dog variatie sasja vrksasana tree pose yoga  bhujangasana Cobra pose yoga