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Taking my first step onto a yoga mat at age 61 was a huge challenge and an exciting new beginning. While I struggled, Sasja was inspiring, supportive and encouraging. Her compassion and sense of humour created a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn.  This coupled with her enthusiasm and warmth has motivated me into integrating yoga into my hectic schedule in London, but more importantly, Sasja taught me to “open my heart” and to live with compassion for myself and for others.  M (London)
It was the perfect  holiday. Had the chance to do yoga with Sasja. She was super friendly, helpful and just great.Really liked her teaching style – especially the mix off spiritual and body focused teaching. Also I appreciated her sense of humor – for example if something was really hard to stay in the pose she made a little joke. Had the feeling she really knew how it felt to be in a certain pose.
Thanks a lot for this wonderful time – hope to do some yoga in another country soon.

Sasja’s yoga classes are brilliant!Her calming voice and strengthening poses got me energized as well as relaxed . As a surfer herself Sasja knows how to wake up the right muscles in the morning. In the evenings the sessions helped to reduce tensed parts of the body in order to keep fit for the days to come. I joined her classes being new to vanjasa yoga and left every session with a strengthened back and smile on my face.
To me Sasja is the most passionateyoga teacher I have met during my travels around the world.
Namaste. Sophie B.

Nog bedankt voor de heerlijke yoga-les die je gisterochtend hebt gegeven in de open yoga studio aan de Steentilstraat. Je manier van lesgeven spreekt me erg aan omdat je naast de oefeningen ook oog hebt voor wat er aan “de binnenkant, de geest” gebeurt. H. uit Groningen

I’ve enjoyed discovering your yoga style, thanks for the great practise, really enjoyed it. B. from Munnich

Every morning when the sun was rising sas made a very warm and nice slowely awakening yoga . She always told us to look inside and experience ourselves. Some days you had more power some day you need more deepnes. She corrected us in a very smart way. And also reminds us to listen to the waves and let our breath flow. And after the sessions you really became addicted to get more. I also liked the stories about the asanas. Sas is so experienced to tell you a lot of interesting things about them…if you want to learn vinyasa yoga in a correct way it is wonderful to go this way with Sas . Thx you so much for joining this wonderful classes with you. – Naziha

Great experience I really enjoyed her massage therapy. It was very unique. Something I have never experienced before. It’s more than just simple relaxing. She worked with your breathing and created a rather zen ambient while giving massage. Will definitely recommend to anyone who seek for a total relaxation and spiritual massage. Miss u teacher Sas. Hope to see u again. – Joy






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