Vinyasa yoga Groningen sirsasana

Vinyasa Yoga – Breathe, Smile, Unwind & Flow

Vinyasa yoga is like a beautiful dance with your breath. You smoothly flow from one pose to the next, syncing your movements with each inhale and exhale. To keep it calm and fluid, try using the ocean breath, also known as Ujjayi breath. This helps you find more openness, strength, balance, relaxation, and flexibility in every pose.

Embrace those powerful, flowing poses… Enjoy your practice!

Hatha yoga Groningen Anjali mudra

Hatha Yoga – Find your inner harmony

Discover the art of Hatha yoga, where we harmonize your inner Sun (Yang – strength, power, rationality) and Moon (Yin – creativity, introspection, feminine energy) through gentle poses (asanas), mindful breathing techniques (pranayam

a), and meditation. Our classes provide a serene escape, each session centered around a unique theme to deepen your practice and inner calm.

Ha for Sun, Tha for Moon – together, they create harmony in motion!

Yoga Groningen balasana

Yin Yoga – Relax, Release, Inner Reflection

Experience a different perspective on poses by holding them longer (2 to 5 minutes) in Yin yoga. By lingering in each pose, you deepen your awareness of your body.

Muscles have time to relax, promoting flexibility in connective tissues and joints. Yin yoga stretches deeper connective tissues, particularly benefiting areas like the pelvic region.

Discover and explore your boundaries with Yin yoga.


Outdoor Yoga Workout –  Fresh Air, Wind in Your Hair, Clear Your Mind

Looking to stay fit and feel invigorated? Try our yoga workout outdoors with powerful poses.

Enjoy the breeze and flow with elements of nature

We kick off with a quick workout followed by energizing yoga poses to stretch and strengthen your body. Join us to improve flexibility, balance, and muscle tone in this empowering session. Build strength, stamina, and balance through yoga-inspired moves.

Yoga without the fluff, just a real workout.

Online Yoga & Yoga on demand 





NB Participation in yoga classes is at your own risk. Please consult with a doctor or physical therapist if you have any injuries, are in rehabilitation, are pregnant, or have recently had surgery.


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